Our retirement adventures

Christmas 2012

on February 4, 2013

Thursday 20 December

The drive from Heysham to Clearwell somewhat stressful due to torrential rain. Sal had not been well the previous night, had a doctor’s visit so we were glad we were able to travel.

Friday 21 December

A clear day and shopping in Cheltenham for food, last minute presents and a Dongle for Internet access. Whoever came up with the name Dongle? Internet access very slow at Clearwell so not sure Dongle was worth it.

Saturday 22 December

Not such a good day but better than they had in Cornwall with floods. Sarah, Ali & Harry arrive after an overnight ferry from Jersey and a visit to Yeovil. Manage to fuse lights as outside garage lights not good.

Sunday 23 December

Hardly any rain but Wye starting to swell on road to Monmouth. No Cauliflowers in shops. Sarah, Ali and Harry off to Hereford to see Ali P and Craig. Flic and Mel arrive.

Monday 24 December

Wye really full after overnight rain and crowded. Internet access good in Cafe Nero whilst girls shopped in Monmouth. Sarah, Ali and Harry back from Hereford but no swimming as pool closed at Ross. Lots of flooding at Ross. Harry very tired.

Tuesday 25 December

What a day for your first Christmas, Harrison, spending virtually the whole day curled up on your mum or dad with a temperature of abut 40, no energy, no smiles and sickness. Let us hope you are better tomorrow and that it is not contagious. Well at least I got some presents this year but Mel managed to get two slow cookers – so much for the Secret Santa list!

Harry & Sarah Xmas 2012

Harry & Sarah Xmas 2012

No walks today as Harry not well which is a shame as weather bright and only a little drizzle, unlike parts of the country.

Wednesday 26 December

Harry a bit better but didn’t sleep much, not surprising as he slept most of Christmas day. He did manage to open some presents though. Nick, Peter and Paul arrive and Gary came to see Flic after work in the early morning.

Harry opening Xmas presents with Flic

Harry opening Xmas presents with Flic

Ali & Harry @ Clearwell

Ali & Harry @ Clearwell

Sarah and Ali’s ferry home cancelled due to bad weather. Sarah not able to book anything until 2013 so Ali has to fly back on 28 December

Xmas @ Clearwell

Xmas @ Clearwell


Thursday 27 December

Stuart and Lynn (Ali’s dad and step mum) visit but only manage to do small walks as weather not brilliant. Harry now beginning to get better. Re-arrange ferry back to IoM for 31 December for a quiet NY eve.


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