Our retirement adventures

Retirement weekend

on June 15, 2012

15 June

My last day at work except that it is only a half day!  Not sure what to expect really although I did retire for 9 days once before (from RBS/Coutts/NatWest) in 2002 this is definitely more permanent.

Signed loads and loads of directorship resignation letters – Yippee.  Not sure who is going to get my directorships but some will definitely go to Marion.

Spoke to one client who said he would contact me after a while “when I was free”.  I’m not getting a divorce I think – not that I know of anyway!

Sad to not be speaking to some of the clients again, glad not to be dealing with others.  Will miss the companionship of colleagues although no doubt will bump into many of them on occasions on the island.

Hadn’t rehearsed any speech at all for a presentation as mind on other things.  Lovely card and comments from colleagues and a nice contribution to my new lens for camera.  No tears though unlike at Sally’s doctor’s surgery at the lunch for her – and those were from those still there.

Trust me to choose a day to hold a retirement meal when England are playing in Euro 12. They don’t stand a chance in the competition anyway and as this is only a group stage there will be others.  Here’s hoping they win though.

Didn’t quite get soaked on way to Views for final meal but not far from it.  Good meal and spoke to most people.  Home at 11pm to unwind for the next “Journey”.

16 June

The first day of retirement for both of us and what do we have to do? Alarm set and out of house by 9:20 to get medication from Chemist and off to Peel to see a man about a TV ariel @ Mel’s house!  Difficult to avoid puddles on way with rain continuing – was it really Thursday evening when it last wasn’t raining?

Now off to diabetes centre for visit to Dr K.  At least he explained it in layman’s terms.

Another Views visit tonight – this time for Sal’s retirement do.  What a good idea the disposable cameras was with lots of photos taken for someone to put into a little book.  No tears this time , just lots of hugs and kisses with the most popular words being  “we’ll miss you” & “have a fantastic time, I’m jealous”.  Just as well we packed our cases earlier as just too tired to do anything other than sleep afterwards.

17 June

This is it.  Off on the Ben to Heysham and the long slog down the UK’s motorways to Heathrow.  Sometimes the motorways seem just like car-parks moving at a gentile 50mph.  No rain which makes a change form the last few days.  A bit of luxury at Heathrow as we opted for a stay and park at the Sofitel @ T5 before we fly off tomorrow.

Ripped off at a Restaurant at T5 who shall remain nameless only because I can’t find the receipt.  I mean to say, £9 for a large glass of red whine (sic).


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