Our retirement adventures

Pre Retirement

on June 15, 2012

7 June

Visit to Nurse @ Doctor’s surgery – I have Diabetes Type 2!!!!  That would hopefully explain the pain in my stomach /side and the thirstiness since the new year.  Nurse talked and talked and quite frankly not much of it went in.

The alternative diagnosis doesn’t bear thinking about.

Took bikers out to Promenade shirts area and then phoned Sal.  Big box of tablets now in my possession. (Added later: she didn’t tell me about the side effects).

We have holidays booked to visit (apart from the UK) 13 countries between now and 2013 with many planned for 2013 – this is too much to take in!!!

Spoke to Aviva but could only get specialist appointment on 16 June after I leave Trident, so not covered!!!  Must make sure Trident pay me for the 5.5 days they owe me after 15 June.

8 June (Friday and Senior Race Day)

Well, another soggy day with no racing.

Still trying to come to terms with yesterday’s visit to Doctor – told Sarah, Flic & Mel now.  Bikers went out to try to watch racing but no chance of racing today – dull, wet and foggy on hills

9 June

Is the TT really finished?  Our Homestay bikers left the house at about 9:30 to watch the racing.  ‘Tis now nearly 6pm and the racing has only just started.  Will they be bored with they get back?

10 June (Sunday)

Why couldn`t they have done the racing today – lovely weather.

11 June

My last week at work!!!  Lovely to have the (Homestay) bikers still here.  Dinner at La Piazza followed by drinks at Sir Normans.

12 June

An absolutely fantastic evening with “les girls”.

Thank you so much Marion, Jaime & Tove for your lovely present  and wonderful company that has made my last few months at work much more civilised.  Will miss your company and the banter! x

13 June

Had morning off  work – only three more days left

14 June

My last bus ride to work with Trevor – we never did put the world to rights!


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